Nuclear x Caetité

The INB (Nuclear Industries from Brazil) explores an Uranium mine in Caetité, a small city located in the country of Bahia State, northeast of Brazil, with 46,000 habitants. In 2008 a water analysis showed that the water distributed and used by the villagers, that lives around the mine, was contaminated by uranium. Besides that, the villagers are affected by the daily explosions, radioactive dust, house cracking and the increase of the number of diseases, specially cancer. The Brazilian government intends to duplicate the production from this mine in order to attend the uranium fuel demand that is going to increase with the expansion of the Brazilian nuclear power plants. Francisco Miguel dos Santos, 86, lives in Buracão Village in a small house damaged with cracking caused by the mine daily explosions. His granddaughter Rozélia de Jesus, 22, and her 7 and 6-year-old daughters live with him. Rozélia says her youngest daughter has a skin disease caused by the water. Mr. Santos wife died of cancer, although the death certificate says that she died of an unknown cause. He says: “I am about to give up, because these people, they don’t have any understanding. I’m tired of being tricked. My wife died when she was 74, still too young. She tried everything but she couldn’t get better. She was born and grew up here. They said that she died of gastritis but I know it was cancer. These people are always trying to trick us.” Photo Marizilda Cruppe/EVE for Greenpeace.